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Ten years of experience in fighting osteoporosis with the ESCEO-IOF Song powered by Johann Sebastian Bach

In order to increase public awareness and knowledge about osteoporosis, novel measures are necessary. I have used the “ESCEO-IOF Song“ for many years in the fight against osteoporosis. On its tenth anniversary, I would like to put a spot on my experiences with it.


In front of the J.S. Bach memorial in Leipzig I had an idea on October 25, 1992, which I shortly presented in a one minute presentation at the Osteoporosis World Congress 1993 in Hong Kong and named it “J.S. Bach Rule of Osteoporosis Prevention”.

At the World Osteoporosis Day in 2007, I presented an “IOF Osteoporosis Song” in a German version which was using the IOF topics of the World Osteoporosis Days from 2004 to 2008. These topics were converted into lyrics and music, arranged by Gert Fischer (Leipzig) and musically accompanied by the brass ensemble of the world famous “Leipziger Gewandhausorchester” in Bad Füssing/Germany.


After agreement of the “Neue Bach-Gesellschaft Leipzig (NBG)” and the choirmaster of the “Leipziger Thomanerchor” Prof. Georg Christoph Biller, I used the “Bach Rule” in over 1.800 osteoporosis lectures. The NBG published this rule for its 3.800 members worldwide. In a pilot survey of 350 listeners to this osteoporosis lecture, 349 (99%) liked this “Bach Rule”. The German version of IOF Song 2007 has been published in the magazine “Mobiles Leben” (4/2007) of the “Kuratorium Knochengesundheit”, a former member of the IOF. The song was also presented at the 2nd International Educational Symposium in Bratislava/Slovakia on September 30, 2008 and the English version had its world premiere at ECCEO 9 – IOF in Athens, Greece on March 18, 2009. The song was also translated into Chinese at the 18th International Osteoporosis Symposium in Beijing/China at April 17, 2010. Meanwhile I used the “ESCEO-IOF Song against Osteoporosis” in the last ten years since 18th March 2009 in over 200 lectures with a total of more than 50.000 listeners.


1. The “J.S. Bach Rule for Osteoporosis Prevention” has proved itself in almost two thousand lectures and there- fore hopefully increased the public awareness of the disease.

2. The German version of the “IOF Song 2007” shows a very good acceptance, and many osteoporosis support groups have asked for the text and tune, using it for education and raising public awareness.

3. The English version of the ”ESCEO-IOF Song against Osteoporosis” at ECCEO 9 in Athens experienced a good acceptance and was published on the website of IOF and ESCEO (also see: Google/YouTube “ESCEO-IOF Song Part 2”).

4. Last but not least I hope that the “BACH Rule of Osteo- porosis Prevention” and the “ESCEO-IOF Song against Osteoporosis” can remind my honoured surgical collea- gues from all over the world: “Don’t forget the prevention of osteoporosis!” •